Muni Expo 2021

We admit it was hard for us to imagine when we would be able to return to holding large-scale events onsite, but it finally happened last week: the Muni Expo 2021 fair was held last week, and we were excited to take part!

Some information about the fair

Muni Expo is the largest, most significant, and most extensive annual event held by the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel. It features a buzzing exhibition hall and professional local and international participants alike.

About 10,000 people arrived at the fair for an extraordinary experience of 1:1 meetings, learning opportunities, and information sharing with the top suppliers and businesses operating in the sector.

This year the fair was held as a hybrid event, and in addition to the impressive presence at the Expo Tel Aviv, a virtual platform was also created, to broadcast live sessions for those who couldn’t attend in person.

Our Products In Action


Registration Forms, Access Control & Name Tags

Registration for the conference was done using Forms-Wizard, and it included several different registration forms, depending on the participant’s origin and the type of participation, since for some events during the fair, we created unique registration forms.

Using the forms data, we printed name tags onsite. This is was not an easy task due to the large number of visitors, and preparations for this were in the week before the fair.

Keep in mind: on the name tags, we printed barcodes, which were used for different reasons during the fair – the full details are right below!

Virtual Conference Platform

While the fair was live this time, we still set up a virtual conference platform on the Expo Wizard platform.

 Why? We had a few reasons…

  • As not everyone could attend the live fair, we wanted to have the option for the participants to join virtually as well, so we set up this event as a hybrid event. This way, we could make sure that no one missed out on the fascinating event content.
  • Networking is important, and we have already proven that new business connections can also be created remotely. Through the platform, participants were able to talk to each other and coordinate virtual meetings that took place during the fair our Expo platform for virtual conferences.
  • Increased exposure – In addition to the physical exhibition hall, a virtual exhibition was also established, in which visitors were introduced to all the companies participating in the fair, even before it began. This gave visitors a chance to get to know the companies in advance and mark which booths they would not want to miss when they arrived at the fair.

B2B Meetings Onsite

With the help of our Expo system, B2B meetings also took place onsite during the fair.

We haven’t talked much about scheduling face-to-face meetings lately, so let’s remind you that through our B2B system, conference attendees can schedule personal meetings with each other, which enhances the conference’s business networking capabilities.

Meetings were set up in two different locations on the event grounds: both in a dedicated B2B area and at the exhibition booths. This saves time for both parties and increases the efficiency of the meetings.

So, how do we save everyone some time?

First, the exhibitors didn’t have to leave their booths and move to the B2B area, so a lot of running around was saved for them. Also, instead of having visitors arriving at a busy booth and having to wait for a representative, they could schedule their arrival at the booths in advance and avoid frustration and unnecessary waiting.

Mini – Events

Ten thousand visitors were scattered in several different complexes during the fair – from the lobby and the dining rooms to the conference halls and the exhibition hall. Some of these complexes were not available to everyone, just for invitees.

Setting up mini-events using the Forms-Wizard system allows you to restrict access to specific areas of your conference or event without having to manage separate lists or cross-reference information manually.

How does it work onsite? We input whether each participant has access to a mini-event or not, and when they arrive there, we scan their name tags to make sure they can enter the location. Quick and easy…


Lead Collection

100 exhibiting companies, 10,000 visitors – Muni Expo is an innovative and fascinating exhibition, and we were there to help companies create new business connections.

Our lead collection system allows company representatives to collect participants’ information by scanning the barcode that appears on the name tags of all Muni Expo participants and to receive a full report of all the participants who visited their booth during the fair.

The event was produced by Promarket.
Name tags and participant care onsite were provided by Reg-In.

Do you have any questions about our products? as always, we are here for you