Our Company

ProMarketing Wizard Ltd. is a private company established in 2011. The company has started its work by building a marketing toolbox for the digital world.

Since 2013 the company focuses specifically on digital registration forms (the Forms Wizard system), and today it is one of the leading and most profitable companies in the registration field in Israel.

The company is undergoing a rapid growth process, and our clientele quantity is on the rise. This, in turn, led to the recruitment of new and excellent people to the company staff and to improvements in the system’s performance in view of the various challenges we were faced with.

For example, our company recently launched new and advanced versions of the registration system that meet high-security requirements, including compliance with privacy protection and GDPR protocols. The company also developed a new registration model that supports the allocation of places on flights, which makes it easy to produce a flight report for each flight separately.

Moreover, an advanced hotel registration model was installed, which provides organizations with unique technological solutions to the challenges inherent in registering employees for vacations, such as variable subsidies and departure dates, multiple vacation cycles, and a variety of hotels.

In 2020, in accordance with the global market changes, we launched Expo Wizard, our platform for virtual conferences, as holding conferences and events face to face wasn’t an option anymore. 

This year we will focus on professional communities and networks that will allow you to maintain a connection with your clients using advanced networking capabilities, member-only virtual conferences, discussion groups, and more.

Quality is not a choice,
it's a way of life

Forms-Wizard by ProMarketing Wizard was chosen by Capterra to be one of the 20 best and most reliable event management systems in the world.

This choice was based on service areas such as usability, types of services offered, and direct customer reviews.

In addition, the company was also chosen as one of the 20 most affordable event management companies worldwide.

This choice was made in light of our average monthly cost, the number of options included in the price, and reviews written by satisfied customers.

צוות תמיכה

Team Effort

Team spirit, “spirit of the corp,” is a concept borrowed from elite units, and it refers to the experience that a team member feels within the group.

The spirit of our team, beyond the abilities and uniqueness of each member, is characterized by several features

First, we act as a cohesive team that complements each other and support, teach, and assist one another in the fulfillment of the important goal of serving our customers.

Respectively, the key features we seek in our employees are the abilities to work in a group and to respect our customers, and the understanding that our customers are at the center of our work.

Beyond that, we live in a time when knowledge and technology are changing at a rapid pace. Because of that, we believe in learning while doing, and we are continually expanding our knowledge.

This, in turn, enables us to develop new technologies, to implement innovations, and to improve our level of service even more.


Eli Amar

CEO and Founder

Before founding the company, worked as co-vice president at Comverse, responsible for marketing and sales. Before that worked at Bezeq as the major customer department manager, and as a product manager


Sharon Carmel

Well-Being and Vacations VP

Responsible for complex projects requiring special skills and experience, with an emphasis on company retreats. Completed her B.A in mathematics before joining us


Matan Brint

Operations and Marketing VP

Manages the company’s marketing and day-to-day operations. Completed her B.A in Communications and her M.A in Internet and New-Media from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, with honors


Anat Halaf

Support Team Manager

.Manages the daily activities of the company’s support team




Hanan Amar


Responsible for the development of new products. Graduated his B.Sc in aeronautical and aerospace engineering with honors, and has an M.Sc from the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the Technion


Nir Rakover


 In charge of infrastructure, maintenance, cybersecurity, load management and special projects. Completed a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Hadassah College

We emphasize the important things

Credibility and integrity

We’re dedicated to our clients, and our desire is to help you all succeed. That is why we aim for mutual trust and understanding

Security and confidentiality

Your information is important, and we guard it in accordance with Privacy Protection Guidelines and GDPR regulations

High level of professionalism

We hold extensive knowledge of the digital world, and we always strive to learn about new developments and technologies

Creativity and innovation

We continuously innovate, improve and implement new and unique solutions that can advance our customers to the next level

Personalized care and support

We are here for our clients’ success, and we personally support each client throughout the entire registration process

We would love to hear from you!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like some more information about ProMarketing Wizard Ltd