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It’s a New Virtual World

A Full Virtual Event Experience



Forms-Wizard at its best

You should know by now that we know how to create advanced registration forms, with different registration tracks for various participants, participation fees, and so forth.

Forms-Wizard works in sync with Expo Wizard’s platform for virtual events, creating a smooth registration experience for your participants.

NEW! An Upgraded Homepage

We have a new design for you

Our homepage has had an impressive upgrade, and now its visibility is even more appealing. Now you have more room for your partners, an improved mobile experience, countdown timer, pop-up windows with information meant for your participants, dynamic guidance sign, and more innovative features.

Event Content

We have gathered here today...

Tell your participants about your virtual event, and let them know what they can expect to see and who they can meet, with a detailed agenda, speakers’ list and your event featured sponsors.

The Main Stage

Live streaming made simple

Broadcast your live or pre-recorded sessions & reach a greater audience than before.

Virtual Exhibition Halls

That’s what it’s all about

One of the main attractions in events and conferences is a buzzing exhibition hall filled with show booths, presentations, live demos, and lots of people. Now, it’s gone virtual.

Our main exhibition halls contain all the “booths” listings, and each exhibit booth showcases unique personalized content created by the exhibiting companies themselves.

Professional Networking
& 1:1 Virtual Meetings

Add more value to your event

Usually, networking will happen all on its own during an event, during sessions or over coffee.

Enabling networking during a virtual event will boost your event and help to create a community surrounding it.

EcoMotions' Success Story

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