Advanced Registration Forms for Every Purpose

Create customized registration forms in a few quick steps

  • Manage large and complex events that include multiple rotations and hotels, flights and other transport arrangements
  • Distinguish between different registrants and various activities all under the same form
  • Accurate inventory management, full control over the registration dates and a unique option to re-edit forms after their submission
  • Integrate secure payments directly to your form using multiple means of payment

טפסי רישום לאירועים וכנסים

A Professional Website for Your Event

Build an event website to optimize your visibility and registration rates

  • Building the website is easy and it requires no programming background
  • The website will include all the details you want to share about your event
  • Forms Wizard enables you to add special sections to your website, such as a countdown timer and an “add to calendar” button
  • You can also add your event’s detailed agenda, speakers and sponsors lists, media galleries, FAQ and much more!
  • A special feature enables you to show custom content for specific registrants

ניהול מוזמנים ותהליך רישום

Simple Invitations Management

Create an invitees list and distribute invitations to your registration form

  • Decide whether the form will be open to the public or closed for invitees only
  • Import your invitees to the system in a secure manner
  • Design and send invitations and custom messages via email and SMS messages
  • Using invitations also allows you to pre-fill your invitees’ registration information
ניהול מוזמנים ותהליך רישום

Reliable Registration Management

Stay updated on the registration process from beginning to end

  • Track the visits to your form and the number and the types of registrations
  • Control the allocation of seats and tickets, including an option to close the form automatically on selected dates or upon reaching a certain quota of registrations
  • Send updates and preliminary information to your registrants via email and SMS
  • Generate custom registration reports to stay informed about your registration status


An Impressive Check-In Experience

Manage your event as it plays out and track your participants’ arrival

  • Track the arrival of your participants to the event in real time
  • Scan QR and barcodes at the entrance for a quick check-in
  • Forms Wizard offers you the option to set up independent registration stations
  • Print name tags on-site and send the participants a “welcome” SMS message


High-Quality Information Security, Accessibility, and Compatibility

For your peace of mind

  • Your information is guarded by the most advanced information security standards
  • The Forms Wizard system complies with privacy protection regulations
  • An accessibility interface in your forms and websites is available for the benefit of users with disabilities
  • Compatibility with all modern browsers and all devices (computers, tablets, and smartphones)


A secure connection to payment interfaces and clearing systems

Add secure payments directly to your registration forms

  • Use various payment methods in your form: credit cards, checks, bank transfers, institutional undertaking or PayPal
  • Use common currencies such as the shekel, dollar, euro or pound sterling
  • Add multiple billing options in each form, e.g. billing Israelis in shekels while billing others in a foreign currency
  • Implement VAT exemption for non-Israeli registrants
  • Issue detailed invoices and receipts automatically
  • Advanced ability to determine special prices, price changes, and discounts
  • We collaborate with:
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