Space Conference

The Israeli Space Agency is hosting the 15th Ilan Ramon International space conference as part of 2020 Israeli space week events. The conference theme is: “2020-2030: Predicting the next space decade”.

The Ilan Ramon International conference is the leading space conference in Israel. Since 2005 the conference attracts key players of the international space industry who wants to connect and meet the Israeli space eco-system.

B2B Meeting Room

During the conference, the Israeli Space Agency will operate a B2B meeting room. There, heads of space agencies, leading space industries, entrepreneurs, investors, and customers will meet and share their ideas.

To facilitate this, an event was created on our B2B Wizard platform

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B2B Wizard

Some of our special features include:

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  • Automatic reminder emails before upcoming meetings.
  • Language selection – English/Hebrew.
  • A meeting schedule board you can showcase during the event.

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