Expo Wizard and medical conferences

A new week means a new conference … This time, our Expo platform is being used to hold a virtual medical conference for Bio-Events. This is precisely our opportunity to tell you about Expo Wizard and the world of medical conferences.

Medical conferences are meant to share innovative and research and new developments and to facilitate a dialogue between industry officials and professionals from the medical field. The fact that such conferences cannot be held face-to-face following the Coronavirus has led to a quick transition to virtual conferences.

Some interesting data from the conference that started today:

600 Participants


From 70 Countries


27 Lectures


The Expo platform offers easy management of all the elements of medical conferences:

  • Participants, speakers, and exhibitors registration, including charges (as needed).
  • Conference Content – such as a welcome letter to the participants, a detailed conference agenda, and a list of speakers and sponsors.
  • A broadcast page where all the lectures are broadcasted one after the other.
  •  VOD library where content remains available even after its original broadcast date.
  • A virtual exhibition in which pharmaceutical companies can present their innovations to the participants.
  • Active community pages, through which you can contact all conference attendees and coordinate 1:1 meetings with them.

A unique advantage of the Expo platform – No conference website needed!

With the Expo platform, it’s easy to control who can see each page you create – everyone or registered participants only.

This means that all content related to your conference can be uploaded to Expo Wizard, so there is no need to set up a separate conference website to encourage registration or to explain to your participants precisely what’s going to happen during the conference.

For example, the agenda page and the list of speakers can be published to the general public, but the broadcast page can be presented to registered participants only. This is how we save you costs and time – by coordinating all of your content under one platform.

For questions about Expo Wizard and medical conferences, please contact us!