Expo Wizard – Your Platform For Virtual Events

It’s about time that we share what we’ve been working on in the last month.

As you know, in the last few months, many events and conferences around the world were canceled or postponed because of COVID-19. In order to avoid cancellations, many companies decided to hold their events virtually, and for this purpose, we launched Expo Wizard – Your Platform For Virtual Events!

Our Big Launch

Our platform was launched at the EcoMotion’s annual event, which went virtual this year:

A Full Virtual Experience

Expo Wizard includes five primary elements that come together to give your participants an enriched and interactive virtual conference experience.


You should already know that we know how to create advanced registration forms, with different registration tracks for various participants, participation fees, and so forth. The registration form is the base from which we gather all the information required for the Expo platform.

Event Content

Some information is important to share, and it’s vital for us to do it in the most convenient fashion.

  • About the event – tell your participants what your event is all about who is going to attend, what content they should expect.
  • Add an interactive agenda where all your sessions will appear, including an “add to calendar” button for each session, links to your speakers’ profiles, and highlighted live broadcasts.
  • Detailed speakers list with everything there is to know about the event’s speakers.

Main Stage

This is where you can express yourself, convey your message, and share new developments and innovations with your audience – exactly why they signed up for your event.

  • Live broadcasting or pre-recorded webinars.
  • All content will be made available on a VOD library for future viewing.
  • Full integration with Zoom, Webex, Vimeo, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and more
  • Q&A option or live chats – the choice is yours!

Virtual Exhibition Hall

One of the main attractions in events and conferences is a buzzing exhibition hall filled with show booths, presentations, live demos, and lots of people. Expo Wizard aims to create a virtual exhibition hall that showcases all the exhibitors that are taking part in your event.

  • A main page where all the exhibits are presented together.
  • Personalized exhibit booths where each company add their photos, videos, brochures, and texts.
  • Company representatives can be affiliated with their company’s booth. – Highly recommended
  • Leads gathering is available for each booth.


We already talked to you about our B2B capabilities on several occasions, and our Expo platform includes all of B2B Wizard’s familiar features, plus some new developments:

  • An active participant list that showcases everyone taking part in the event, from the organizers and the speakers to the exhibitors and the participants themselves. The list can be sorted and filtered according to different interests, companies, countries, and more!
  • Networking at it’s best – a live chat page where you can talk to the other participant.
  • 1:1 virtual meetings – NEW! Up until now, scheduling meetings were available for meetings that take place on-site at events and conferences, but we added the option to schedule virtual meetings as well.