Guidelines for impressive E-Posters

We have some guidelines for impressive e-posters we wanted to share with you…

First of all, what are e-posters?

Abstracts of important studies that are selected for a poster presentation need to be prepared in advance as e-posters.

Electronic posters, or e-posters for short, are similar to traditional paper posters, but they are displayed throughout the event with PosterPRO, on a large HD-LCD television screens, in an interactive and user-friendly way.

An effective e-poster is a visual communications tool

An effective e-poster will help you engage colleagues in conversation. Your goal is to get your main point(s) across to as many people as possible. An effective poster:

  • Is focused on a main point(s).
  • Uses graphics (graphs and images) to tell the story.
  • Keeps the sequence well-ordered and obvious.

The saying “less is more” is good advice to follow for an e-poster. Although you may be tempted to include every detail of your project or research, you won’t have enough space to do this. What’s more, you shouldn’t do this, as it would make your poster too cluttered.

Guidelines for impressive E-Posters

  • Since we are displaying the e-Posters on large screens, only integrate high-quality graphics and images in your poster, to avoid blurry images.
  • Also, only use images or graphics that are copyright-free.
  • Choose your font according to the length of your abstract. It is recommended that headlines are formatted in a noticeable fashion.
  • Please send us your e-Poster presentations at least two weeks before the conference, so that we can make sure that all e-Posters are formatted correctly.

Photos courtesy of Kaleidoscope


Do you have any questions about our guidelines for impressive e-posters? Let us know!