Preliminary requirements for creating new forms

We wanted to list for you all the preliminary requirements for creating new forms with Forms-Wizard. If you go through all these steps, you will ensure the quick and efficient creation of your registration form.

Good Luck!

Form Details

  • Form title – can be changed later. Will appear on invoices.
  • Sub-domain (the desired URL for the form) – in English, lowercase letters only. Minimum of 3 characters. This URL is permanent.
  • Form language – Hebrew/English.

Event Details and Organizers

  • Event details – date, time, and location.
  • Organizers details – contact name, email, phone etc.

Form Fields

Prepare a list of all the questions you want to ask your participants.

A few pointers:

  • Mark which questions are mandatory and which aren’t.
  • Provide us with all the options for multiple-choice questions.
  • Let us know if you plan to charge for registration and how much.
  • Point out conditioned questions. E.g., only those who choose “Other requirements” will see the “Please specify” question.

Invitees and Invitations

  • Optional. If the form is meant for specific people, we need their details.
  • The list needs to be on an excel file, with columns matching the form’s fields. E.g., if the form asks for a “First name” separately from the “Last name,” the file can’t contain one field for a “full name.”
  • You need to specify which field will be used to identify the participants upon entering the form and make sure that each participant has a unique entry for it (with no duplications).
  • Should you wish to distribute invitations via Forms-Wizard, you will need to provide us with the content for the invites.
  • We wrote some suggestions regarding invitation distribution you should read.


  • Thank you text – this is the text your participant will see once they submitted their form. We can add unique elements to it, like an “Add to calendar” button.
  • Confirmation text – this is the text your participants will receive via email or SMS once they complete their registration. Special elements such as a registration summary table, QR codes can be incorporated in it. We have some tips for you on writing successful registration confirmations.


  • Graphic recommendations are all listed here.
  • The essential graphics are the company logo and banners.
  • The form’s colors will be set according to them.