Mini events feature for gift distribution and entry control

The Mini events feature for gift distribution and entry control is a part of the Forms-Wizard system. It has many uses that can improve your participants’ event experience and how you optimize your event as the organizer.

The feature can be used in a variety of ways, depending to your requirements and needs, and we have several popular examples of how to use our mini events feature that we would like to share with you.

Gift or equipment distribution

The mini event feature is super useful when it comes to giving gifts or distributing equipment because it allows us to scan participants as they arrive at our check-in counter, preventing the possibility of duplicates.

At the same time, it gives us an accurate and real-time overview of the gift/equipment distribution status, allowing us to stay updated on the inventory levels of the items at all times.

Entry control at different event locations

First, participants arrive at your event and receive a name tag which includes a barcode. During their arrival, you can track the number of participants that have arrived and when they entered, and also prevent multiple entries using the same registration.

However, many times you may be interested in knowing exactly how many people (and who) entered a specific lecture, such as the “11 am lecture in hall A”. In this case, we can place staff with scanners at the entrance to that hall, so they can quickly scan the tags of all the participants who attended the lecture. This way, at the end of the event, we can learn which lecture was the most popular, which speaker is worth bringing back next year, and what is worth skipping as participants less enjoyed based on participation rates.

It is also possible to use the mini event feature to limit the entry of participants to certain areas, such as VIP areas, dining rooms, or parking lots. In this scenario, we will pre-enter each participant’s level of authorization (for example, whether they have access to the VIP area), and then upon their arrival to the site, the staff will scan their name tag and in accordance with it, a message will be displayed regarding whether or not they are authorized to enter that location.

The sky’s the limit

As we have shown, it’s possible to use our scanning system in various locations, according to your specific needs. Additional popular examples that our customers particularly love include using this feature on bus trips for corporate outings, distributing gifts to employees’ children, and performing tasks in events with a structure similar to a scavenger hunt.

Do you have any other ideas for using our mini event feature? We would love to hear them!

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