We have some exciting news to share: you now have the option to send out messages and reminders via WhatsApp using the Forms-Wizard registration system!

To date, we’ve been distributing reminders and announcements regarding conferences and events via email and SMS.

Each of these methods has its advantages, but they aren’t perfect. For example, the great advantage of sending messages via email is that it has no additional cost, and you have no space limitations. But, some companies block the receipt of these emails, and sometimes the messages reach the subscribers’ spam box instead of their inbox.

If we look at SMS messages, on the one hand, participants usually have no problems receiving them. However, in Israel, for example, SMS messages are mainly intended for spam, from loans and credit ratings to propaganda, leading people to ignore incoming SMS messages altogether.

To help our excellent customers out, we have recently developed the option to send notifications, reminders, and updates via WhatsApp messages directly from the Forms-Wizard registration system.

Forms-Wizard WhatsApp

What you need to know

When do we recommend using WhatsApp messages?

The use of WhatsApp is intended for updating your participants with important content related to your conference or event, especially in cases of urgent notifications such as cancellation or postponement of an event, a change of location or time, and so forth.

Why use WhatsApp?

Most Israelis use the WhatsApp app daily, and in the rest of the world, the use of the app has become widespread as well, so it seems that this is the easiest way to gain the attention of your event participants to the updates that you want to share with them.

So how do you send out messages?

Directly through our system! There is no need for an external interface or to purchase a business subscription with WhatsApp; we already did it all for you.

Important to note

In urgent cases, we will often use all three ways to spread your message, to make sure your participants arrive at the right time and to the right place.

Another service we can offer you is doing arrival confirmation via phone calls because sometimes it’s necessary to call everyone directly, for example, if you have to cancel an event at the very last minute …

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