Multiple Pages on Forms-Wizard Websites

We have been working on something very special for you, that takes us one step closer to WordPress websites: Multiple pages on Forms-Wizard websites!

What exactly do we mean?

Up to today, you could create one landing page to accompany your registration form. On this page all the event or conference details would be listed one after the other, This is where you could find detailed information like the agenda, speakers, sponsors, photo galleries, terms of participation, and much more.

This way of showing the event data is suitable for most events and conferences, as most of them are small and the amount of information you have to share with your participants isn’t very large.

However, sometimes the event and conferences you hold require setting up a full website, with multiple pages, where each page has its own content, as the amount of information to share is great.

Multiple pages websites have several advantages:

They are easy to view – A long landing page with lots of information gives the vibe of an endless scroll to the user. It’s logical that they would be overwhelmed, and stop viewing the data. Splitting the content into multiple pages makes it easier to go over all the content.

They are easy to navigate – If you create multiple pages and give them clear names, the participants will be able to find the relevant information for them personally in an efficient way.

They look professional – It creates a professional and clean look for your site, which will help impress your participant and encourage them to register.

Why should you create multiple pages websites on Forms-Wizard?

It’s the same familiar back-office, that you already know how to work with independently. You don’t need to learn how to use a whole new platform or be dependent on other service providers to help you out with updates to your event website.

When should you use multiple pages websites?

Ultimately, the main issue revolves around the amount of information you have to share with your participants.

Not sure whether you should create a lone landing page or multiple pages on Forms-Wizard Websites? We would be happy to help you decide!