Mobile entrance control for events

One of the newest developments we’ve been working on lately is mobile entrance control for events – and we’d like to tell you a bit about it.

What is mobile entrance control for events?

We’re all familiar with the following scenario – your participants arrive at the event, present their barcodes, and then they are scanned at the event’s entrance. But how exactly does this come to be?

First of all, we need to pre-distribute barcodes and personal numbers to all of your participants, via emails or SMS, which they will present upon arrival at the event.

Later on, at the event itself, attendants will use barcode scanners to update the participants’ arrival. Typically, the scanners are connected to computers. However, our new feature allows you to connect the scanners to your smartphone as well, allowing for a much more convenient and faster work on the go.

Forms-Wizard mobile entrance control for events:

  • Scan barcodes using your smartphone camera.
  • Scan directly from the participants’ mobile screens – no need to print the barcodes in advance!
  • Track participants as they are entering and leaving.
  • Check the ticket status regarding each registration.
  • The system works with mobile internet connections.
  • Manage the event’s data in real-time event data and export it once it’s done.
  • One last unique feature: mini-events! (more details can be found just below).
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Creating mini-events

One of the most important developments we have done in this field regards our ability to create mini-events within your main event.

What do we mean? Sometimes there are specific areas that are only accessible to certain guests, such as VIP guests. With our scanners, you can scan participants at the entrance to such sites and make sure whether or not they should have access to that area or not.

The use of mini-events can be multi-purpose and can be implemented in a variety of scenarios:

  • Sorting participants for shuttles with different destinations.
  • Arrival for activities like workshops, lectures, or movies.
  • Entrance into dining rooms and VIP halls.
  • Distributing holiday gifts for employees
  • And much more!

While using our mini-events, you can track at any given moment how many people are supposed to arrive, how many have already entered, how many have left, and how many are currently present. Also, it is essential to note that multiple mini-events can be set up at each event – the sky is the limit!

Today we had a successful experience with our mobile entrance control at a conference attended by about a thousand participants. We included some pictures for you, so you can see what it looks like on-site:

You can invite us to come to your event to assist you with the whole entrance control processes, or hire scanners from us and use them by yourself!

Contact us to find out more about the special features of mobile entrance control for events.