The Muni Expo 2020 Fair

The Muni Expo 2020 Fair is the largest urban innovation fair in Israel. The expo is an anuual event held by the Federation of Local Authorities in Israels, and it attracts more than 10,000 people each year, for two days filled with exciting new trends and developemnts in the field of local government.

This year, we provided a variety of services and products for the fair:

Custom registration forms, entrance control, and name tags

Registration for a large conference like Muni Expo is complicated, and it required the creation of several different registration forms. The registration forms were used by participants according to different categories, such as Israeli participants, participants from abroad, company representatives, etc.

Our goal was to provide a pleasant registration experience for all, while simultaneously collecting all the necessary information we need for entrance control and for name tags. This was a very challenging project due to the number of people attending the fair, which required preparation from all the parties involved in the fair.


Mini-events entrance control at selected venue halls

We just told you about our new mini-events feature, and here it is again!

At Muni Expo, we had two selected halls that only certain visitors had access to them. To enable this, we created two separate mini-events. Upon arrival at these halls, the visitors’ name tags were scanned, and if they were pre-approved, they got access to that hall.

This is one of our newest features, and its goal is to allow you full control over everything going on at your event.

B2B platform for scheduling 1:1 meetings

Over 250 business meeting and participants from 30 different countries – Muni Expo’s B2B area was buzzing!

We already shared a lot of information about our B2B platform, but we’ll remind you that B2B Wizard allows you to create a community surrounding your event, with professional networking and personal meetings.

One important feature of B2B Wizard that was utilized during the fair was our ability to schedule meetings with pavilion representatives at their pavilion, in addition to personal meetings at the B2B area – ask us about it!

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Lead gathering platform

Gathering leads from potential customers is an essential part of any event, and it’s important to us that you will be able to do it on the go. With Lead Wizard, you can gather leads during the event, by scanning the barcodes printed on the visitors’ name tags.

During Muni Expo, the representatives from all the pavilions used their smartphones to scan visitors, and all the data from each pavilion was collected to one central database.

We believe that is it best to see for yourself. So we added a few pictures for you of all our products in action