Useful tools for registration forms and sites

We have some useful tools for registration forms and sites that we want to share with you.

Setting up efficient registration forms and professional information sites shouldn’t be to be too complicated,
And in most cases, these tools will save you a call to your graphic designer and unnecessary waiting for the job to be done.

The first tool: Be Funky Photo Editor

It’s a mostly free photo editor, that lets you resize photos, crop them, play with their colors and more.
Especially effective for changing banner sizes, speaker images, and sponsors logos.

Click here for the photo editor

The second: Remove BG

A simple tool that allows you to remove the background from photos. The process is done automatically, but you can use their editor to make minor repairs or restore the image to its original state.
When is it recommended to use it? E.g. when uploading company logos to a website that doesn’t have a white background.

Click here to use the tool

כלים שימושיים Forms-Wizard

The third: Unsplash

A free image stock that you can use without copyright valuations (at least at the time this post was published at)
The images on the site are varied, and they can help you add some color to your websites.

Go to the image stock

Last but not least: the Eye-Dropper

A quick chrome plugin that lets you sample accurate colors from web pages.
When is it useful? When you want to choose a color from your beautiful banner to serve as the primary color of your registration form.

To download the plugin, click here

Do you know other tools that can help others? Let us know!

We emphasize that these are useful tools for registration forms and sites, but they are not a part of the Forms-Wizard system. We will not be liable for the services offered by them.