2019 summary and our plans for the upcoming year


Registration forms, event websites, invitations, posters, lead gathering, international conferences, and local events – many exciting things have happened over the past year. Before the end of the year, we wanted to share with you our 2019 summary and plans for the upcoming year.

First of all, some numbers. This year we had:

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One B2B

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Many happy

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How happy?

In a recent employee survey, conducted by the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services, our registration experience was rated 4.6 out of 5. The employees enrolled via our form for their annual Labor study tour, and the registration process was rated as easy and convenient.

The Israeli registrants of the Isaac Association also enjoyed the renewal of their membership and registering for their annual conference through our advanced registration system. They started using our system this year with the hopes of streamlining the whole registration processes – and it appears that they are heading in the right direction!

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Translation: I registered so easily! Way to go on the upgrade!

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Translation: Must give you great feedback!!! What a convenient, pleasant and easy-to-use interface for membership, and conference registration. Thank you!!


And what are our plans for 2020?

We are working on some exciting things we want to tell you all about…

First of all, as we have already mentioned to The Times of Israel, B2B Wizard will be launched in Hebrew at the beginning of the year (did you ask us for a demo yet?).

Besides that, during January, our Hungarian branch will begin regular work with Forms-Wizard, which was specially translated into Hungarian.

We are also currently working on a mobile-friendly entry control system that will regulate the check-in process at your conferences and events. We’ll tell you more soon!

Our hope is that we will all have a great year in 2020, full of collaborations, unique activities, and successful events. Contact us if you have questions about our 2019 summary and plans for the upcoming year.