B2B-Wizard Launch at the ARISE Summit

We are excited to launch our new B2B platform, the B2B Wizard, at the ARISE annual summit.

You can read about the ARISE Summit here, but we can tell you that the ARISE 2019 “Innovation for Good” Tech Demo and B2B matchmaking event is the place to enjoy tailor-made matchmaking meetings with leading Israeli entrepreneurs and business-people who share your faith and values from 50 countries around the globe. All of this takes place in an atmosphere charged with inspiration and innovation.

B2B Wizard is in the heart of all of this.

It helps you to create a community surrounding your event and to boost it with professional networking and one on one meetings.

B2B Wizard

Our platform lets your participants see who else is attending the event and grants them the option to start networking before it even begins – making the event more productive for them.

Networking at the event and beyond

B2B Wizard remains available to your attendees even after your event is done, giving them the option to maintain the connections they made during your event.

Some of our special features include:

  • Compatibility with desktop computers, tablets, mobiles, and with all modern browsers – no app needed!
  • A friendly interface allows each participant to view, change, and decline networking and meeting requests.
  • A unique timeline view that allows your participants to see when their meetings are relative to the event’s agenda.
  • An “Add to calendar” option, compatible with all commonly-used calendars.
  • Automatic reminder emails before upcoming meetings
  • Meeting schedule board you can showcase during the event.

Before we forget: B2B Wizard works along with Forms-Wizard.

This means we can gather information about your participants directly from the event’s registration form. This, in turn, can help to create a smooth experience for them and increase their involvement.

Contact us today for more information about the B2B Wizard Launch or to get a demo!