Writing great FAQs for event websites

FAQs are one of the features available for you on Forms-Wizard’s event websites, and we are here to tell you about writing great FAQs for event websites.

First of all, why should you write FAQs?

On average, we know that about 20% of an event’s participants will contact the organizers with questions, requests, and inquiries about the conference or event they are expected to register for. FAQs, if written in sufficient detail, can help save about half of these inquiries.

Beyond that, they can also help boost registration for your event, as the more your participants know about the event, the more appeal it has.

FAQ Foems-Wizard

So how do you save time and increase your registration rates?

This part is easier than you think: write to about everything that you would be of interest to know you if you were participating in the event!

Here are 20 examples of great questions:

  • When is the event?
  • What is the exact location?
  • What are the parking arrangements and directions?
  • Are there any organized shuttles?
  • What are the accommodation arrangements?
  • Is there room to check my bags?
  • What is the dress code?
  • What is the expected weather?
  • Do I need to bring any special equipment?
  • What food will be served at the event?
  • How do I let you know about my special dietary requirements?
  • Can my spouses and children attend too?
  • When can I register?
  • Can I register at the venue?
  • How do I pay for the registration?
  • Is there an employee discount?
  • Are there any age restrictions for registration?
  • Until when can I unsubscribe?
  • What happens if the event is canceled due to weather conditions?
  • If I have questions, who can I contact?

The answers to these questions need to be short, helpful, and accurate – we trust you that you can make it work…

A great example of using the FAQ feature is available on Cyberark’s conference website.
Feel free to have a look!

One last tip from us: write your FAQs, upload them to your site, and then show them to someone unrelated to the event. They will be able to tell you whether everything is clear and point out possible shortcomings.

Want to know more about writing great FAQs for event websites? Contact us!