ProMarketing Wizard’s E-posters platform is an interactive digital platform dedicated to displaying medical & academic E-posters at conferences and events. The platform can be used for all types of events and conferences: live, hybrid and virtual.

The e-posters platform includes a main page that displays all the posters at a high level.
On this page, you can see the title of the posters, the authors’ names, institute, and previews of the posters themselves.

On the e-poster main page, you can filter posters by categories and subcategories, or do a search according to keywords from the abstracts, the authors’ name, or institute.

In addition, each poster has a unique page with all the details about the authors, the institution, the research description (abstract) and the full poster itself

The benefits of using our E-posters platform:

  • Convenient browsing and swift transitions between the posters.
  • An option to download the posters and even print the studies if necessary.
  • You can initiate a vote on the most successful/interesting/innovative poster among the viewers.
  • New: add a short video featuring the authors presenting an overview of their research, just as you would have during a live conference.
  • Our posters are based on PDF files, so there is no limit to the number of pages for each poster, unlike other platforms that limit each poster to only five pages.
  • Most importantly: networking with the authors – Visitors to the poster exhibition can contact the presenters and ask them questions about their research, ask for clarification, etc., when all the interaction between them takes place on our platform.

The digital e-poster platform is available 24/7, and the content can be viewed on computers, mobile phones, or on large high-resolution screens at live conferences.

You can use the E-poster platform independently, or as part of a virtual event using Expo Wizard, and we even have some tips to give you on creating a successful poster.

We at ProMarketing Wizard invest a lot of effort in making the digital conference world more accessible, without sacrificing the personal and human side of things.

Showcasing E-posters at medical & academic conferences is an essential and effective means of disseminating innovative information among researchers, and from today it can be done more easily.

Contact us today to book our E-poster platform for your next conference!