Do you need an event website?

One of the most important decisions you need to make when you start working with us is whether to set up just a registration form or do you need an event website. The most crucial factor in this decision is the amount of information you have to provide to your participants.

If you only have a short opening text, which is designed to the participants with some information about the event, and to motivate them to sign up, then a registration form with an intro text will probably meet your needs. In that case, you most likely don’t need to set up a website.

However, if you want to share more information with your participants, we recommend that you set up an event website as well.

The benefits of setting up event websites

Your site is usually the first thing that potential participants see when looking for information about the event, and we all know that a first impression is super important. An attractive and appealing website can help increase visibility and boosts your registration dramatically.

The event website will hold all the information about your event in one place. That way, you will avoid answering the same questions over and over again. Most importantly – the more participants know about your event, the more likely they are to register to it.

Your event website can include the following elements:

Five essential tips for setting up a successful event websites

  1. Balance – give your participants precisely what they need. If you write too little, they will be left with questions, but if you write too much, the chances are that they won’t read everything.
  2. Keep it simple – a clear message, error-free and straightforward wording, and a logical order. It may sound trivial, but it can be more complicated than you think.
  3. Adaptation – Who is to attend the conference? Business people? Potential donors? The employees’ kids? Each audience requires a different approach, and you have to adapt yourself to your audience.
  4. CTA (call to action) – Include action buttons throughout your site that will remind the participants why they are actually here – to register for your event!
  5. A sleek design – follow your branding and try to use colors with good contrast. For example, a black background is excellent, as long as the text is light enough to read.

Did we help you decide whether you need an event website?

If you need some more help, we can share with you great examples that we have set up in the past.

Feel free to contact us.