We are in the midst of winter, and it’s precisely the right time to start planning your next company retreat for the upcoming summer.

Company retreats usually include lots of different aspects that you need to address:

  • Vacation rotations.
  • Multiple hotels.
  • Different room types.
  • Personal eligibility.
  • Recreation activities.
  • Flights.
  • Transportation.
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So, where should you start?

The most complicated part, which usually requires the most planning (and programming), is usually the accommodation section.

Therefore, we need to begin with a decision regarding the registration’s target audience. That is, whether the registration is meant for company employees only or company employees and their families.

If it’s a vacation for company employees only – you have to map out the types of rooms that are available for your employees, their costs, and inventory. For example:

  • Single rooms – 700$, 10 rooms total.
  • Double rooms – no cost, 40 rooms total.
  • Triple rooms – no cost, 20 rooms total.

In this case, each employee will register individually and enter with whom he/she wished to share a room with. Later on, behind the scenes, we will match the rooms and create a tidy report that you will be able to forward to the hotel.

When it comes to vacations for company employees and their families, there are two registration options:

The first regards cases where each employee can register according to his or her family eligibility, which you provide us with in advance. In this case, we will need to get a data file with all the employees correct family information:

  • The number of adults (usually children of 12 years and older, can be different at each hotel).
  • The number of children (usually 2-12 years old).
  • The number of infants (usually 0-2 years old).

Based on the file you send to us, each employee will only be able to choose a room that fits his or her eligibility only.

The second registration option allows the employees to select any room available in the form. That is, during registration, employees will enter the form, see the available options (depending on room inventory) and select whichever option they are interested in.

In both cases, it is important to create a detailed file that contains all the rooms options and their costs in advance. For example:

  • Single room – 700$.
  • Double room – 500$.
  • Double room + a baby – 550$..
  • Double room + a baby + one child – 600$..
  • Double room + two children – 650$.
  • And so forth.

You also need to remember to address the internal inventory of the rooms, e.g., how many single rooms are available, how many family rooms, etc.

And what about the rest of the registration form?

As we already said, the trickiest part of setting up your form is the accommodation section. All the other parts of the form, such as those related to recreational activities, are much easier to organize and build, and we will personally guide you on how to do this.

If you have any questions, contact us, and we will start planning your next company retreat for the upcoming summer…

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